SHINee on 100% Entertainment

How cute! They still visit there baby from Hello Baby! I think his name was Yoogeun? Key! of course you would want to have a little Key! lol…. you would be the best Umma ever! Fashionable and Kind and Talented and most importantly Wonderful with kids! ( excluding the time you dropped Yoogeun on his head in Hello Baby -.-…. haha Juuuuust kidding! ~.^

I. Cant. Believe. That. Host. Pointed. Out. That. Girls Zit..IN FRONT OF SHINEE!

…..Can I just say OMG TAEMIN IS AMAZING AND SPECTACTULAR AND A DANCINGGOD. Now that I got that off my chest I would also like to fanspazzam over Keys Hoot Dance! How point on was that! WHEN in the WORLD did he have time to learn that dance!? SHINee has been promoting Hello with no sleep. So how did almighty Key learn that dance that fast!?… oh right. hes ALMIGHTY! . No but really. He is. I cant learn thatย  dance in a week let alone what time he probably had to learn it. I want to see Joe Kwon and him go head to head in a girl dance battle… Entertainment at its finest ๐Ÿ˜›

Key: believe in me

Fan: “give me Minho”

!? lmao!

Key: “Eoryeowoyo…EORYEOWOYO!”

Host: “.. Is there something wrong with your teacher? I feel like he’s a little murderous”

Omg hahaha Key like yelled out the korean pronunciation!!! hahaha omg! LOL he is so hillarious! please teach me korean Key!! I will try my hardest to not dissapoint you!

I want Taemin to teach me the “handcuff dance”….wait… lmao

These fans are sooo lucky! Im in shock at how close they are to SHINee. If it were me up there… I would hug them. I know ur not supposed to..but its a once in a life time I must >.<

OMG the second hand embarresment/pain/complete dispair that the fan went thru who hugged the host and not Onew ( even though the host is really hot) Is so strong! I like yelped out loud when she hugged him instead of lovely Onew! But Onew should have made his voice recognizeable >.< that wasnt fair!!!!! I was hoping he would sing “hello” instead of say it in a weird voice… I bet shes thinking cruel cruel world!… I would be so depressed.. but then shortly get over it cause HOLY CRAP I WAS IN THE SAME BREATHING AREA AS SHINEE!?.. thatsย  a lot more than A LOT of fans get…

I think out of the 3 groups the first one should have won. What do u guys think? But it was really nice of SHINee to really talk it over and discuss with one another. It must have taken quite a bit of time because the screen cuts and goes to a different scene from the beggining of the decision making to the end. Wah… Shinee. So gorgeous! Fighting!!!


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Onew & Lena Duet “Lucky”

Wow… I love this! I had to share just in case you might have missed it! Onew… such a sexy man ๐Ÿ˜€ I love his voice…. I like how they look so happy when there singing it.. and call me biased ( i am) but, I wish It was more of a Onew solo then a duet… alot of this song Lena overpowered Onew…. and that I am not a fan of ^.~

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SHINee Strings version of “Hello”

.. This. Is. Beautiful.

Kinda want to cry…kinda really lame.. kinda really obsessed… kinda REALLY love them… ^//^

Holy Goodness they are perfect….

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Smooth Criminal ^SUJU^SNSD^ SHINee^

I found this pretty entertaining. Its so SHINee biased! whahaha i love it ๐Ÿ˜€ 3 members got solo parts in it! SNSD looked so gorgeous in their cute little suits and I could spot eunhyuk,lee teuk, shindong, donghae and yesung out of suju. I think i saw Yoona and sunny out of SNSD but i dont know those girls very well. All did a great job though ๐Ÿ˜€ Im partial to Key when it came to this performace though and the cute little jewles on his face… adorbs!

Good lord this performace is awesome.. thats going in the oldย  vault.

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Shinee & Suju = A Miracle!

Whaaa! I love this song so much! I could be having such a bad day and then I turn this song on and it turns this


into this


BUT! SHINee added to the mix and then its like this!


Really this clip just makes my whooooooole day!

LOL as Shindongs hair! What stylist nuna though THAT would be a good idear!? ;^^

and to add a bit more Super SHINee to the mix here is a video from when they were promoting Ring Ding Dong. Poor Jonghyun had the swineflue and therefore Yesung had to fill in. It almost sounds like a MR but the quality is good so whatevs ๐Ÿ˜€

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Beautiful My Beast ~!~ Nothing Better Then You!

Soooo if you havnt watched it yet which YOU DEFENITLEY SHOULD HAVE BY NOW… im just really late on everything. ugh school >.< anyways if you havnt watched it yet here is B2sts Beautiful! OMG… i love Beasts new cutesy image. I didnt think they could pull it off after Soom came out. I was like yeah manly suits these boys very well they should stick with it… NOPE! Beautiful went way above my expectations and there look is just absolutely gwageous! But im a sucker for cutesy concepts for boy bands.. yeah. Hence my intense SHINee infatuation!A little fact you may not know but the people cheering for our boys as they dance in there dance battle is actually B2UTIES!!! isnt that so cool! holy gezuz I wish I lived in Korea and could participate in fan meets and mv cameos ect!

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OMG so adorable.

OMYGAWD just when I think theres no way on Earth SHINee can get cuter THEY DO!? Here they are covering an old song called candy by the old band h.o.t. They did such a good job ๐Ÿ˜€ Proudness is overflowing over here. Did you notice the lovley Key is wearing the same alphebetical jacket vest as B2ST’s Yoseob in “Beautiful”…. Who pulled it off better?… Im kinda leaning towards Key >.< but its so hard to choose!!!

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